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Bitcoin 2 sparks new interest as Bitcoin breaks $10,000

Bitcoin 2 grew an impressive 29% vs BTC during Bitcoin’s bull-run.

People are starting to notice Bitcoin 2, despite its lack of a proper listing on CoinMarketCap. Daily trading volume grew from $4000 to $13000 tonight and caused a spike of more than 40% in the price of the controversial Bitcoin fork.

Trading volume tripled since last night.
BTC2 is available on

People who know about Bitcoin 2 are no longer comfortable just sitting on the fence. They want a part of this cake before it starts growing for real.

Bitcoin 2 has endured a lot of negative articles by the big crypto news websites. But it remained strong during this week’s crucial crypto bull-run. That is an indicator of strong support among believers, and new hope among those who are just learning about it.

Join the Bitcoin 2 Discord community here to see what it’s all about! 👆🏻

Read more about Bitcoin 2 on


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